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tv   Made in Germany - Away from Waste  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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a clash between those who believe in arranged marriage and those who want to marry for love. the clash that's shaking families and society to the cool. my father would be angry sometimes i think the. commandos starts joining a d w. a great line from the nine hundred sixty s. film the graduate is a piece of career advice to a young dustin hoffman a neighbor says one word plastics i think the whole world
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must of been listening plastic now pollutes our city's water ways our entire planet governments are trying to tackle the environmental catastrophe banning items such as plastic bags that's hurting some businesses then causing bag rage among customers in places like australia it's all proving that the move away from waste is going to be a struggle but won't save a lot more money in the long run yes but big business is only interested in profits shareholders focus on the short term and will forever encouraged to consume the turnover of new cars on german roads is crazy you would be caught dead driving one of these on an order but on the diesel emissions scandal is compounding the problem a field day though for about a factors that churning out those cars and the customers so they're offering incentives to buy new vehicles the absurdity of the situation becomes all too clear on a trip to the junkyard. seventy thousand square meters of metal
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waiting to be scrapped the more than two and a half thousand cars here have been discarded by their owners. the junkyard near hamburg is one of the largest ones in europe. for mechanics i mean it offers something new every day. these great cars to destroy it's from our dream job. this super sized junkyard runs according to its own rules. i just found it finally got it's a playground for man. toys for boys or not many of the mid-sized diesel cars here are still in perfect running order like this volkswagen the owner of the passat diesel is here to scrap it. in the aftermath of v.w. use diesel emissions scandal because secondhand value has dropped to just
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a thousand euros a scrapping premium will net him around seven thousand. still works perfectly just passed its inspection but off their least a new car so this one can go to. the junkyard will even pay him something for the used parts but give you one hundred euros enough for a nice meal that's on top of the scrapping premium of up to ten thousand euros that some common ground as a discount when drivers scrap their old diesel car and buy all isa new environmentally friendly one. shouldn't really have been scrapped at all you could still drive them for a while but so many cars are getting scrapped to cash in on the promised premium just succumb to the temptation. the tempting inducement touted as an environmental premium means cars in good working order like this two thousand and six b.w.
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and out in the recycling workshop. components like the engine are removed and later sold well but they're being weak cycled. through them for really pains me because a car like this one it's only got forty seven thousand kilometers on it it's so clean it can still be on the road for years it works perfectly. that's not exactly saving resources. after it's been disassembled in the first workshop the car is taken to the colleague in the next one usable tires are also kept for every sale. the end i removed all the fluids from the car old oil left over fuel cleaning fluid and coolant it's all disposed of. the battery is removed. and the catalytic converter is cut out with giant she
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is it's also a valuable and can bring in some profits. now the cars of placed out in the junkyard for customers in search of parts about five hundred hobby mechanics come here every day for components. carrying maybe new was lucky he found the back door he needed for a b.m.w. in togo. this was stolen from my brother. so i promised him i'd look for it here. at the junkyard clients pay only twenty to thirty percent of the price for a new part to undermine my couch for today. some. of the cash car has over ten thousand parts. finding the right one for your particular model can take hours. wonderful verite is the part i'm looking for.
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i remove the cruise control and i like to bring with cars at home it's really too bad. these products are still in great condition. german drivers only an average of eleven cars in their lifetime them manufacture is a curse on the environment but the salvage work here helps improve the industry's recycling balance somewhat. this is where customers pay for the step parts. that. go in these parts no charge. the parts that have been removed from the vehicles in the workshops are also put on sale. we have thirty thousand items in stock drive shaft shock absorbers mudguards engines basically everything. at the end of the day it's time for the road where
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the white v.w. to be taken apart it's then dumped in the yard to be further devoured by the park minus and after several months when the car has been picked clean the remains will be pressed down. and from the junk yard to the beach i want to say if you can call it that you can't really i can't see any sand and i don't want to know what's in the water but if you do take a little look under the surface it looks like lunch time no guess again that could be the poor little turtles last meal. think. cozumel is a mexican island popular with tourists. sells them snacks. on a paradise island that's exactly why we have to protect it so much is wasted and
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that happens with everything but trash the trash is the biggest problem. mexico generates eighty thousand tons of garbage each day only eleven percent of it gets separated and recycled across the atlantic in johannesburg south africa food waste is a big problem. for. months. poor people. therefore do. have to give. more than half the population lives under the poverty line even though a furred of the food produced here goes to waste. and there's all that plastic packaging that ends up in oceans wales and turtles and fish eat it and we
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the fish don't even know yet what the long term effects are going to be on us what would help is recycling. it was designed to be thrown away more than one hundred million tons of single use plastic is discarded why each year with more and more of it ending up in the environment. these pellets could help remedy the problem says one expert they're made of recycled plastic film and most importantly they have low levels of contamination. but. this is high purity polyethylene the soul of a sneaker is made of polyethylene from waste plastics plastic is a very forgiving if you heat it you can mold it any way you want. hoffman thinks this could be his time to shine. because trash isn't just worthless waste it's a global business it contains materials that can be sold like plastic film. the
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problem is sorting the trash is expensive until this year much of it was done in china but the country decided that imported plastics were too contaminated a big problem for german waste companies. france and china has lowered the contamination limit to zero point five percent that's the amount of other stuff that's allowed to go into sort of bales zero point five percent contamination for plastic film is nothing so if these materials are checked of the border and rejected by the customs inspectors they get sent back to europe entire containers for them to work. so where will his trash go now. this de facto import has made the market much less lucrative. because isn't the fun prices have fallen. asia and china in particular used to offer very good prices for
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these materials. both in closets and now because we can't sell to china they'll accumulate here in europe so processors here will have access to the best quality materials it's the best quality and also. top quality plastic film at bargain prices a new opportunity to make something from germany's waste michelle hoffman has an invention that does just that a kind of giant washing machine that purifies plastic each device costs around six hundred thousand euros he's hoping to sell them all over the world. more given the fact that less than two percent of plastic film gets recycled worldwide at the moment because it's so difficult but it accounts for around eighty to ninety million tonnes a year and it's the main pollutant of the world's oceans. this
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is how the plastic comes out of the machine clean and extremely thin. and it's used to form the pellets the purest on the market says hofmann. there are specially sought after in china. what could this mean for german waste processes and their mountains of trash is that plastic problem solved can they just chalk everything in the washing machine unfortunately not. the. very sophisticated solutions on offer or being advertised nowadays are mainly for plastic film and promise to render it very pure but there are many kinds of plastic that contain a mix of materials where you just can't attain that high degree of purity. but lots of every day objects are made from such mixed materials. this little toy car is a great example of how many different materials one thing can contain there are all
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kinds of plastic here polyethylene polypropylene and sometimes also polystyrene. much of what is devoid of the. recycling materials that contain such mixtures is almost impossible which is one reason why less than ten percent of the world's plastic is currently recycled. p.r. campaigns can backfire but that's how some of them get people talking like greenpeace pouring thousands of liters of painted berlin's victory column to protest against coal as an energy source they will the government to look to the sun which is what it looked like from above but down below motorists slammed on the brakes to avoid their tires from turning yellow cyclists skidded falling off their bikes and according to city officials the cleanup will cost around fifteen thousand euros the
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corporate marketing campaigns can cost a lot more kilian should submit up with the boss of great bass. powerful and memorable images environmental protection and high resolution brought to you by greenpeace executive director jennifer morgan is relentless in her fight to preserve nature and fight climate change she's not afraid to get under the skin of industrialists and politicians. the green. east berlin offices nestled in a back courtyard a bit out of the way for such a high profile organization at last year's g twenty summit in hamburg the environmental watchdog used the city's new concert hall as a backdrop to protest u.s. climate policy with up to one indian home what was green peace trying to achieve with the protest in hamburg was this a fight for a good cause or simply a way to promote green peace as a company this is a noble fight against evil doers our actions at greenpeace are designed to get
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people's attention with images they can understand. the world is very complex so we have to make it clear what threats we all face who the actors are and how we can influence them. and one of us can mental health. it's by lining up the concert hall with colorful slogans were you trying to address the business community where you're trying to put pressure on corporations and politicians. say so we're not budging we're standing our ground till we reach our goals because we're making a difference. i know that this is not because you're an american donald trump is your president how does his climate stance fit with your ideals you said it will help me it doesn't not at all to where opposites. what donald trump says and does or tries to do is completely immoral uninformed and totally in the wrong
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direction. thank god there are many americans and other people worldwide who share my ideals regarding climate protection and who are fighting for them every day on campus. docking is that it is it time for greenpeace to take their politics to the next level as just yes this is our time to be more active and we've arrived at a moment politically where we lack clear leadership now that obama is gone. and world leaders aren't unified. cornett stop just makes our work at greenpeace even more important now. what can greenpeace really achieve the organization's mission is well known campaigning against coal in oil and promoting green technology that's the group's message to businesses it's your responsibility to act now and not wait for politicians to do something. to see
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climate protection isn't a threat to business it's an opportunity and if and many companies understand that this that's the private and public sectors together need to develop a no mindset. as it the must also feels have been so profitable for the past hundred years that many want to stick with them. but there are many companies honestly large and small to reject that approach and want to forge a new direction. but is it enough for one of the biggest environmental organizations in the world to just intercept ships and circulate petitions. for founding member paul watson who had a falling out with greenpeace these tactics lack teeth. of the light is that paul watson says greenpeace has become one of the biggest feel good organizations in the world and he seems to be suggesting that people join to suit their conscience how
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does that idea sit with you. why do people support greenpeace there are many different reasons. but i believe greenpeace activists are brave people who want to make a difference just mailed the big one secret album they believe in this courageous organisation which is willing to fight for change nonviolently. this tool as it is so it's not just a feel good organization he said. not only not. greenpeace has three million members worldwide a budget of three hundred million euros and a leader with a vision. if it can find a way to play an even larger role in climate protection the group is well positioned to help bring about lasting change. corporations have their own agendas and saving the world does not always top their lists many high tech manufacturers depend on materials from ores mind under appalling conditions in some
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of the world's poorest countries and yes kids are involved capitalism depends on selling more and more goods and often on their planned obsolescence people also have to be persuaded they need the latest gadgets is just one example. twenty four million smartphones are sold every year in germany a country with a population of eighty million many owners use them for just two or three years and then. one hundred twenty four million old smartphones in germany are just lying around in draws in people's homes. idealism and business can be hard to reconcile the other hand even the biggest polluters alerting there is money to be made with green tech and eco friendly products trading work as well well that's another story is
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a startup in germany that's trying to square these circles. these people don't buy a new smartphone each season they're committed to smartphones that live long in protective life and that's exactly what the young company they work for makes. shift was founded by two brothers. their aim is to make sustainable high end products that are also affordable. they started out with smart phones two years ago now they've come up with a new kind of laptop and. it's very important that a device can be repaired or it is to repair the longer it's working life and the better it is for the environment that's our main concern is telling you. this smart phones are built using a modular design and each component can be easily replaced. it can usually be
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revived that means it doesn't get thrown away or end up in a drawer. to get. out of vises should remain functional for a long period of time so its use life cycle as we call it should be as long as possible so. we support that by accepting returns customers give us their own phones when they upgrade to a new model upgrade of the phones can then be resold secondhand you know i just. be difficult to bring the want to achieve one hundred percent recycling but that goal has remained elusive so far recycling is an idea that goes down well with customers as does shifts refusal to use resources from conflicts such as the mineral culture . called turner's or conflict material one of its elements is used in capacitors tiny components that store current we use ceramics instead. it is
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a bit more expensive but just as good if not better in many respects and we do that because we don't want to use this conflict material culture. shifts phones and laptops are made in china but the vatican ensure that the working conditions are decent and that the pay is about average at the firm they contract with there and that the workers have health insurance their manufacturing strives to be eco friendly which is still a novelty in china. if you. many components in smart phones and computers come from china anyway so it makes sense for us to start there. to get those components to germany would take lots of expensive packaging that wouldn't be so eco friendly or sustainable. path the staff of the startup went to the recency big computer trade fair where
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they said that shift had so far sold twenty five thousand films and their prices are competitive in part because the bosses don't pay themselves more than their staff. we've never had to pay dividends we don't do any distribution of profits money we make will go into sustainability or social projects to change things that we consider important. people often ask them about a perceived contradiction in what they do making smart phones and laptops always comes at a price the environment wouldn't it be better if people just did without them. and what's the best thing to do is to keep on using your devices we recommend that to our customers it might not be so great for our business but it's really important. because. people can't seem to do without new gadgets but there's a market for high tech products that are made to be
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a sustainable is possible that might be a compromise but it's one they can live with. now how much thought do you put into your wardrobe and if you think about how you present yourself do you also think about the effects of how you dress on the environment such. as discovered where designer suits go to die and the fact that you don't have to be wealthy to be stylish. us right to me and they say i'd like to dress well for work but i can't afford a good suit i know the good stuff is expensive sometimes but it's not just about money it's about dedication let me introduce you to some of my personal heroes. these guys live in the republic of congo where the average income is less than four
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hundred dollars per year and yet they manage to present themselves with style and why. there is so that's what they call themselves are a movement of african dandies that took off after world war two with the republic of congo that's become quite famous now since a large be a company shot this commercial with them. i mean we all can take a leaf out of a box but there are a few things you can do to save money only have a buy in sales lot and consider going second hand there are amazing bargains out there go look for second hand shops in mort's pensive areas of big cities this is where designer suits go to die go rescue it's. just. be yourself.
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so recycle reuse and for a fashion see you next time. the be the big. the be. the big.
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boobs. smaller. culture. hair. the be. super food. coming along come on. let
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a. lifestyle the be. strong. the boy more old. me who do you think is going to be a little chicken. the magic scores. and eighteen soccer world cup on t w news. we make up oh but we quantize of africa that under the ticket we all of the civil service of. maine want to show the continents for. its part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories
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their dreams and their challenges of the seventy seven percent platform for africa in charge of. entering the conflict zone with tim sebastian faulks challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding answers. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with keep players on the ground in the senses of. cutting through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account facts the conflicts. conflict zone with jim sebastian on t.w.x. . every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word can call me coaxing germany to learn german. history why not learn with him. to stuff it's simple online on your mobile and free. w z e learning course nikos
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german made easy. to. play . this if you have a news live from berlin still stranded on a new video was released at the schoolboys trapped in a flooded cave in thailand. they appear to be in good health but as we hear from one of the divers who greets down it is not clear how or when they're going to get out. also coming up they're calling it a persian protesters gather outside poland supreme court as a new law enforcement.


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